Sunday, June 24, 2007

STOP, veggie time...

As you all know this blog is mainly focused on succulents and other odd ball plants but every once in a while something else comes along that is more than blog worthy. Here is one of those things. Our friends Gabriel and Maggie are the veggie gurus of our crew and have started up a blog based on their adventures with everything green. From Tomatomania to the craziest Bok Choy, this one will leave you wanting to rip out your succulent garden and get going with the Snap Peas.

Well, maybe not rip out the succulent garden but you know what I mean...


Blogger Green Thumbs said...

Just wait 'til we post our blog on edible succulents, it'll be the best of both worlds. Pictures of plump celery, musings on agave nectar, and the beauty of a well-formed asparagus spear. Caudiciform salad anyone?

9:37 PM  

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